#8 Title Search – Taxes, Chattel, Mortgage, and Forgeries


Title searches can reveal all kinds of information you may or may not know about. It’s especially important to find out the ones you don’t know about. Some examples of the ones you may know about our mortgage liens such as first and second mortgages, tax liens (which may not be just from not paying taxes on your property), and the list goes on.

The list of encumbrances against your home can determine whether you will be other close on your property are not. It is your responsibility to be able to give a buyer clear title to the property prior to you closing. If you are unable to do so, you may be putting your family’s finances at risk.

Todd and Curtis share a few of these potential title search unknowns to help point you in the right direction to the importance of a title search.



Are You Really Ready to Close the Deal on Your Home

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