#18 The Modern Home Seller has Enormous Marketing Power


Curtis takes a minute to explain to Todd how today imaging technology is helping homeowners share things about their home they’ve never been able to share in the past. He explains the importance of allowing potential buyers to conveniently walk-through homes 24 hours a day seven days a week without any inconvenience to the home seller. This is a huge timesaver for everyone involved in the homeownership process not to mention the safety aspects.

The pictures everyone is used to seeing online on the various real estate websites are nice, however, Curtis goes into detail expounding on why flat 2-D pictures of yesterday will never give a true flow and feel of a home. For example, you may be in a bedroom but you have no idea where the bedroom is located in the house or exactly which bedroom it is. Then Curtis goes into detail and explains how simple it is to accomplish your goals using this wonderful technology.



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