#41 The Cause and Effect of Price Change History


One of the hardest things for a home seller to do is price the home they are planning to sell correctly. It is extremely important to price the home correctly from the beginning or it could cost the home seller big money in more ways than could ever imagine if they’re wrong. But did you know the history of making price corrections on your home for sale is typically available for every homebuyer to see in plain view? How does price history help the homebuyer?

Think of pricing your home using this crazy example: You are shopping for anything, say vegetables. For fun, let’s narrow it down to tomatoes. If you see the price of one brand of tomatoes marked down 30 percent next to another brand of tomatoes that’s the exact same price as the marked down brand, what are some of the questions you begin asking yourself? Could it be they have been on the shelf to long and the vender needs to get rid of them? Maybe people just are not interested in buying that particular brand at the original price. Is one brand better than the other?  They look the same, smell the same, and may have even been grown at the same tomato farm, but one brand has a history of change front in center for you to clearly see. So which tomato do you buy?

In this short video Todd and Curtis don’t talk about tomatoes, but they do talk about price change history seen on nearly every home for sale platform available for homebuyers and why home sellers should understand the cause and effect of the history.



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