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How to Confidently Sell Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent





In this Recognizing Pitfalls to Selling a Home Class



Getting the Price Right from the Beginning

… by first understanding the most common mistakes home sellers make in pricing their home.


Unraveling Paperwork Confusion

…by knowing what you may need and what is often overlooked in paperwork.


Are You Really Ready to Close the deal on Your Home?

…you are in contract with a buyer.  What could go wrong now? Know this deal killer and be prepared.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

Glad you asked! We will discuss much more including: Marketing your Home, Social Media, Dealing with Real Estate Agents, Issues with People in your Home and more.

I have sold 3 of my houses by owner in the past and I wish I would have had this information. The ease of watching a video and the resources that are listed would have helped take the mystery and the confusion of how to sell my house by myself but still have tools at my disposal.

Michael Cork

The houses that I have sold myself actually went better than the ones that a real estate person helped with.


Bennett Willis, Facebook Comment

A Note From Todd and Curtis …

Combining our life’s experience in the fields of real estate, imaging, and sales has given us the tools necessary to help you, the motivated Do It Yourself Home Seller, gain confidence through a step by step path to selling your own home.

Our goal is to help you avoid the deal killers that affect the home selling process and benefit you with this ability for a lifetime.

Curtis & Todd