#14 Negotiating the Deal, Get It In Writing


Have you ever had anyone tell you they were going to do something for you then turn around a few days or weeks later and tell you they’ve changed their mind? Even though you were depending on them and waited for a few days or weeks for them to fulfill their agreement now you’re stuck with having to start the entire process over again. The same thing can happen when selling a home.

The story’s we’ve heard from home sellers finding out the buyer, a month down the road, decided to change their mind and not purchase the house they originally agreed to purchase actually happens more than anyone would like to admit. It could’ve been a personal friend, coworker, or even a family member that you were depending on, it really makes no difference because you’re still in the same situation. All that changes when you put things in writing and everyone agrees to it instead of agreeing verbally.

Todd explains to Curtis what changes happen when both parties agree to signing a written document.



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