#36 Home Sellers Need to Give Up the Keys


One of the hardest things for a home seller to do is give up the keys to their house. This can be especially difficult for homeowners who’ve been in the house for a very long time; for example 10 or more years. There’s almost always an emotional attachment to the home which may include memories of children growing up, getting married, holidays, and other various life markers. Probably the best way to combat some of these family memories is to let the buyer know how excited they should be to create their own family memories. Still, giving away the keys can be a very emotional.

As the home closing draws nearer, it’s a good time to get prepared to transfer the keys by using a title company or an attorney and learn the proper process for your situation. Many home sellers believe they can withhold the keys until they have been paid for the sale of their home. Typically this is not the case.

In this “Short-Cut” video Todd explains when the property keys are transferred to the new homeowner. It not when most people believe the keys should be given to the new owner.



Are You Really Ready to Close the Deal on Your Home

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