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We teach homeowners to take specific action steps while using common sense strategies to sell their home without using a real estate agent.

Curtis and Todd

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For Todd Carrison and Curtis Clements, the foundation of DIYHomeseller.US springs from over 20 years of making the right calls on the advancement of internet technology. It’s also borne from a shared aspiration to help those the internet can benefit the most: the home-seller.

Raise your hand if you think real estate agents should do more than take a few pictures and add your home to a multiple listing service. Yeah, us too!

Studies have shown the main reason home sellers are afraid to sell their home without the use of a real estate agent is a lack of information to get them started. It’s hard to believe, while living in the information age, the ease of selling a home has been kept secret for so long.

Todd and Curtis inspire home sellers by teaching these simple secrets using easy to understand action steps, professionally produced webinar’s, and online video courses that generate exciting momentum by affirming home sellers a sense of “Wow! I really can do this on my own without the use of a real estate agent”.

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